Matrix History

Our Founder

Dudley Quesinberry founded the original company in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986.    Today, Matrix Technologies offers best-in-class solutions from many of the industry's leading manufactures.  We draw on 30 plus years of experience to integrate multiple systems and services together to ensure the safety of the customers and property we protect. 

A Commitment To Excellence

From day one, our focus has been to offer an excellent customer experience that exceeds our client's expectations. Now, more than three decades later we are proud of the reputation we have built around our core principles.   Today our goal is to continue this deep tradition of offering exceptional products and superior customer support as we continue to develop more long lasting relationships one customer at a time.  Our on-gong commitment to excellence is detailed in our company mission statement. 

Mission Statement

Matrix Technologies provides custom designed low voltage systems and services for our customers to help protect persons and property to the utmost of our ability. Additionally, we offer innovative solutions that enhance our customer's lifestyle.  Our company is founded on a rock-solid commitment to excellence in all areas of our business and we will strive to pursue this course as our core value on a daily basis.  Our goal is to always put our customers first, knowing that we will be rewarded with the most valuable asset - long lasting business relationships.